Our Mandate

To address the specific needs of the International Management students by acting as a platform for them to interact with faculty, alumni and industry as well as amongst themselves.

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Introducing Improvement

IMA Case competition

We aim to bring you a small scale and high quality case competition with a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for members of the IMA. This will ensure to create more one-on-one time with our judges and an opportunity to build closer relationships with organizers and members involved.

Cooperative Style

This means we, the members, are the owners of IMA. Members are encouraged to be involved in organizing their events in teams and advising one another on anything IMA-related on our online community platform, thus providing you with a concrete opportunity to get involved.

Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors will be a select few members that show true engagement or potential to improve our community creatively. They are in charge of recruitment, moderating of our online community, fundraising and throwing fun events to keep the IMA spirit burning. Inquire for more details using contact us and keep a look out for this opportunity.

Ready To Embrace

The Challenge

IM has really allowed me to fit all my interests into one degree and I look forward to meeting all the new IM majors this year!

Grace, VP Communications

This year is going to be amazing, I can’t wait to meet you all at our different events!

Emilie Uzan, VP Events

We all are about to create a strong, accessible and resourceful online community this year!

Shazia Shariff, President IMA

I can’t wait to get to know all of you and represent the IMA as VP Alumni this year!

Dena Anwar, VP Alumni

Our Google Community


This exclusive platform will only be available to IMA members. Participate in alumni hangouts and ask any questions you have about the IM industry to recent McGill alumni.

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